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Punk from the lowlands

Punk from the lowlands

This Means War! A Short Story

While everybody was celebrating the birth of punk 40 years ago, five guys from the low lands (Belgium and Holland) hooked up to form a brand new band known as This Means War! They have one thing in common: the love for punk rock. Far from rookies, they played in numerous bands before such as Discipline, Hidden Guns, Superhero Status and Convict. For several months in 2016, they locked themselves up in their rehearsal room and made plans to conquer the world with hard hitting punk rock anthems. This Means War! is not interested in reinventing punk rock music. They aim to blend their heroes (Cock Sparrer, Anti Flag, Old Firm Casuals, Social Distortion, Noi!se, Street Dogs, Clash) and give the mixture their own unique flavor. This Means War! combines Rock 'n Roll melodies with punk riffs and lyrics. That’s not always easy, but these punks rise above the challenges of it all, proving their experience will propel them forward. They are hungry like a bunch of wild coyotes and ready to hit the stage! From now on This Means War! is in your blood, 24/7. 

This Means War!

EP 2017 and Sailing The Waves Of Anarchy

Late 2016: Together with Igor Wouters (Backfire!, Gold) This Means War! started recording the first EP at Amsterdam Recording Studio. Jay Maas (Defeater) took it to another level mixing the songs at Getaway Studios in Boston. Mike Kalajian and Stephen Kondracki gave the EP the soul of punk at Rogue Planet Mastering (Machine Head, Saosin, Bouncing Souls). 

With bands like Street Dogs, Noi!se, Old Firm Casuals, Cock Sparrer, The Interrupters and Rancid, Pirates Press Records (San Francisco, USA) is the perfect home for This Means War! On August 25th the self-titled EP was released, preceded by their highly anticipated single and video 'Sailing Anarchy', exclusive on Punk News on August 14th. Produced by Chris Curtis (Green Day, Dropkick Murphys), the video highlights the band’s poignant and straightforward lyrics that classic punk fans will love; explosive drums and potent guitar riffs will have you hooked in no time trade clarity for distortion without losing any impact. The EP contains six energetic punk songs and the second video ‘…’ will be recorded during their live show at The Sound Of Revolution, November 4 in Eindhoven.

So lace up those boots, grease up that mohican, and make sure you prepare yourself for this punk rage that is coming your way. This Means War will make your ears bleed starting with the release of their first EP 'Sailing Anarchy'! Don't say we didn't warn you.

This Means War! EP 2017

  1. Sailing Anarchy
  2. Keep The Home Fires Burning
  3. Those Where The Days
  4. Defend What We Stands For
  5. Use It Up

Band members

  • Vocals: Bert Van Dyck
  • Guitar: Robbie Jennekens
  • Guitar: Hugo Geerlings
  • Bass: Carlo Geerlings
  • Drums: Dries Van Dyck