Welcome home Punks!

Hi there punks! Celebrating 40 years of punk made us realize that we had pay tribute to the music that took the world by storm 40 years ago. Punk started as a subculture but rapidly grew and influenced teenagers all around the world to now. Make no mistake, we are punk rock addicts ready to make some noise. If you like bands such as The Ramones, Anti-Flag, Cock Sparrer, Green Day, The Kids, The Clash...feel free to join our mission to conquer the world! This Means War! will break down the walls and get you hooked in no time!




The wait is finally over! Our first full length album 'Hearstrings' is now available for pre orders. This album is filled with punkrock anthems and great streetpunk singalongs! Visit the Demons Run Amok webstore and make sure you get your copy (CD/LP) .. The official release date is 11th January '19 https://shop.demonsrunamok.de/de/musik/8248-14848.html

Groezrock indoor ... we had a blast!

Last Saturday we played the first edition of Groezrock indoor in Hasselt.   Well, we had a long drive from Leipzig to Hasselt and were still recovering from a great party with Cock Sparrer but we felt overwhelmed when we took…

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