new video "pressure" out now!

Welcome home Punks!

Hi there punks! Celebrating 40 years of punk made us realize that we had pay tribute to the music that took the world by storm 40 years ago. Punk started as a subculture but rapidly grew and influenced teenagers all around the world to now. Make no mistake, we are punk rock addicts ready to make some noise. If you like bands such as The Ramones, Anti-Flag, Cock Sparrer, Green Day, The Kids, The Clash...feel free to join our mission to conquer the world! This Means War! will break down the walls and get you hooked in no time!



We're so proud to announce our first full length album 'Heartstrings'.  It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get where we are today but this is just the beginning punks! What to expect?  An album filled with 11 street punk anthems that will make you ears bleed.  Buy, steal or grab your 12 inch record or cd right now ... 

new killer design!

So excited to share this one with y'all!  The amazing Mick Lambrou created a brandnew killer design for This Means War! Hope you punks and skins like it!


Dragon Fire Tour kick off!

We're heading toward Munich for the first leg of the Dragon Fire Tour with hardcore legends Sick Of It All, Comeback Kid and Cancer Bats.  Make sure you visit our merchandise stand for free beers, laughter and some fine clothing…

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Groezrock time table online!

We're so stoked to announce we've been added to the bill of the legendary Groezrock Festival (B).  For us it's one of the most prestigious punkrock festivals .. Especially cause we live nearby the festival ground ... We've been attending…

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