Welcome aboard Tom and Steve!

Apart from not leaving home during the pandemic it was also very challenging to keep our band going.  We first took some time to let covid sink in but after two long years Dave, Robbie and Jelle decided to part…

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TMW plays Sjock festival 2022!

It took us two years to announce this gig but we are finally here!  Our first festival appearance in almost 3 years will be at the legendary Sjock festival in Gierle (B)!  Did you know Sjock is the oldest festival…

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studio time!

During covid we decided to write new material and to go in the studio to record.  So we did, we teamed with Filip De Bot (Penthouse studio) to record 5 brand new songs.  Filip is a great guy and knows…

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This Means War joins Solar Penguin Agency!

Yeah, the word is out ... This Means War! is currently writing a new chapter and we are excited to announce that the great folks of Solar Penguin Bookings are gonna set sail together with us!  We join other great…

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This Means War sets sail to the studio!

Despite covid 19 and the entire planet held down in a lock down we kept writing new material and guess what ... we have a ton of new hard hitting punkrock tunes.   We'll be heading for the studio late April…

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new official band pic!

It's hard to get back together in these crazy times to make some music or rehearse because of the many restrictions but our main man Robby found some time to make a brandnew official bandpicture .... here it is!

Welcome home Punks!

Hi there punks! Celebrating  over 40 years of punk in 2017 made us realize that we had pay tribute to the music that took the world by storm more than 40 years ago. Punk started as a subculture but rapidly grew and influenced teenagers all around the world to now. Make no mistake, we are punk rock addicts ready to make some noise. If you like bands such as The Ramones, Anti-Flag, Cock Sparrer, Green Day, The Kids, GBH, dropkick murphy's, floggin molly, The Clash...feel free to join our mission to conquer the world! This Means War! will break down the walls and get you hooked in no time!


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